Chef Afroza’s background resides in the classical methods of regional Indian cooking, especially in the cuisines of Kolkata, Lucknow, Delhi, and the Mughal period. Authentic dishes that will be periodically served from these styles of cooking include Murgh Musallam, Goat Rezala, Galawati Kabab, Nargisi Kabab, and Kundan Kaliyan. Desserts such as Nawabi Shahi Tukra and Zafrani Firni will also be served from time to time.

To acknowledge her roots, she will periodically feature original Bengali dishes on the menu. Also, to pay tribute to Chef Afroza’s in-laws who hail from Kolkata, she plans to frequently expose food specialties from West Bengal to the Bay Area crowd. But there are certain other factors to her cooking. She often likes to put a special twist to authentic Indian dishes and adds touches from international fare, which can suit the needs of cooking and serving in a food truck environment. She also wholeheartedly believes in the incorporation of fresh vegetables and hormone-free meat and poultry. Over the years, she has established a genuine and unwavering bond with the local purveyors, who believe in humane raising methods and sustainable practices. This can result in the seasonality of certain dishes on our menu, but it will also guarantee that our customer will always receive exciting, new, and high-quality meals. This is a food truck that truly pays homage to the classics and beyond– something you won’t want to miss!

 AS AN AUTHOR: Chef Afroza has authored her own cookbook titled Flavors of Mirch Masala, with a foreword written by the reknowned Chef Hubert Keller. The book is on sale at the Food Truck!

 AS A TEACHER:Diana Afroza has been giving cooking instructions for many years. She has taught at various cooking institutions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, in places like William Sonoma, Sur La Table, Tante Marie’s Cooking School just to name a few. She has also performed a cooking demonstration at COPIA in Napa Valley.


LEFT: Chef Afroza signing her cookbook

BELOW: Chef Afroza with her Cooking Class students at Sur La Table Berkeley