Meet the Chef

Chef Afroza’s journey in the food industry began 29 years ago as an Executive Chef for a neighborhood restaurant. She also started a highly successful catering company and regularly served a high-profile clientele in the Bay Area including the former Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown’s office, and the former Mayor of Oakland (now Governor of California) Honorable Jerry Brown. She has a long track record of catering for various types of events for hundreds of people at a time. Chef Afroza’s resume as a cooking instructor is also impressive, as she has taught at many prestigious culinary fixtures such as COPIA Napa Valley (now the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone), Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma, and Tante-Marie’s Cooking School. Chef Afroza has also authored her own cookbook titled Flavors of Mirch Masala, with a foreword written by the reknowned Chef Hubert Keller. The second edition of this cookbook is currently being written by her.


Munch India Food Truck

Most recently, Chef Afroza has been working as the Head Chef/Co-Owner of the Munch India Food Truck along with Chef Nick, where they continue their commitment to cooking authentic Indian delicacies with only the freshest and most sustainable ingredients. The Munch India Team believes in providing exceptional care to their customers, and is scrupulous in their attention to detail.  Chef Afroza and the Team believe that cooking is not simply about producing dishes, but is a process which involves passion, knowledge of the right techniques, and nurturing her own spirit as well as those of the clientele she feeds.

Besides the traditional regional cooking of the Indian sub-continent, Chef Afroza is highly trained in the Mughlai and Nawabi styles of cooking. Her cooking philosophy uses traditional Indian methods and recipes, with a modern and updated twist. She focuses her flavor profiles on the sixth category of taste: umami, and she evokes her vision with ingredients sourced from local purveyors.

A Few of our Purveyors

 These are a few of our purveyors that we buy from them according to the availability of ingredients, seasonality, and our daily requirements.

Other Purveyors not pictured below:

Nature’s Bounty Halal Meats * Halal Foods Berkeley * Monterey Fish Market * ABS Seafood * Aloha Seafood * Monterey Market * H and H Fishery * Green String Farm * Full Belly Farm * Dirty Girl Produce *  Guru Ramdas Orchards * Pitman Farm * Snake River Farm * 4505 Butcher Shop * Magnani’s Poultry-Organic Meats and Deli * Jetro Restaurant Depot (for all our paper goods, oil, etc.)

Swanton Berry Farm

Berkeley Bowl


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