About the Munch India Restaurant

Munch India’s culinary philosophy is centered on serving creative renditions of authentic and regional Indian dishes, while treating the ingredients with the utmost care and importance. We strive to highlight the diversity and complexities of Indian cuisine by preparing dishes that hail from the various different regions of the Indian subcontinent and diverting from the mainstream and commercialized Indian cuisine that is traditionally presented in the West. The culinary vision of the Managing Partner/Executive Chef Diana Afroza and Managing Partner/ Sous Chef Nick Ahmed is to showcase complex Indian cuisine while also occasionally employing techniques from all over the world including from Japan and France. Our ingredients are sourced from local purveyors who provide us with products of exceptional quality, which we aim to showcase in every meticulously curated dish. All of these elements combined are a testament to the saying that the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, and the Chefs are committed to honing on each element to provide their customers with an unparalleled Indian dining experience.

Munch India is Re-launching as a take-away only establishment!

While we initially started out as an a la carte restaurant, we made the decision to transition into a Prix Fixe only format starting from the beginning of 2020. This concept was quite short lived however due to the onset of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that began in March of 2020. This pandemic compelled us to completely shut down our operations for a year as we were trying to keep ourselves and everyone around us as safe as possible. Keeping our restaurant closed for this prolonged period of time was completely devastating, but it also allowed us to  reflect on how to pivot our business model as we came to the realization that indoor fine dining might not be a viable option  for quite some time given the circumstances surrounding the pandemic. 

Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed and redefined the way that we dine at restaurants and has prompted many in the industry to shift their business models completely, and we are no different. After much deliberation and brainstorming with the Munch India team over several months, we have decided that given the circumstances surrounding the pandemic and the space constraints of our restaurant making it difficult to conduct reduced capacity indoor dining, Munch India will officially relaunch serving exclusively in a take-away format. While this new format is a significant change and will require an adjustment both for our team and our patrons, we are confident that you all will be experiencing the same high quality, well-thought out dishes that Munch India is known for. 

All orders will be placed via our Square store in order to provide a safe and contactless ordering experience! We will be open Monday-Saturday from 5:30-9 pm and orders must be placed on our Square site by 12:00 pm (noon) for same day pick-up. You can place your order at munchindia.square.site. We have been very eager to get back into our kitchen and serve all of our amazing and loyal patrons and we can not wait for you all to join us once again! 


About the Chefs/ Managing Partners

Chef Diana Afroza embarked upon her professional culinary career 29 years ago as the Executive Chef and co-owner of a restaurant in the East Coast, joined by her husband, Sous Chef Nick Ahmed. There, she managed an entire kitchen crew, crafted menus, and operated a high-intensity tandoor oven. The experience of working After moving to the Golden Coast, Chef Afroza began her catering business in 1997 where she catered for large parties and high-profile celebrity clientele. Chef Afroza is also a published cookbook author, and her book Flavors of Mirch Masala highlights some of her most famous dishes that were popular amongst her past clientele. Additionally, she is an accomplished cooking instructor and has taught several cooking classes at prestigious culinary establishments and stores such as COPIA Napa, Sur La Table, and Williams-Sonoma.


In 2011, Chef Diana and Chef Nick started the Munch India Food Truck, serving high quality, authentic Indian cuisine. The juxtaposition of upscale Indian food paired with a fast-casual environment, provided customers with an experience that was unlike any other food truck in the entire Bay Area. The success experienced at the food truck inspired them to embark on the journey of opening a brick and mortar establishment in Berkeley, California. The Munch India Restaurant offers a new platform for Executive Chef Diana Afroza and Sous Chef Nick to showcase their nearly three decades worth of experience in the industry. At the Restaurant, the Chefs take a more elevated and innovative approach to their cooking while still maintaining authenticity. Chef Afroza and Sous Chef Nick aim to expose customers to the nuances and intricacies of Indian cuisine, while constantly drawing inspiration from global flavors and techniques. The experience and passion of the culinary team, combined with attentive and welcoming service allows for every guest at the Munch India Restaurant to have a dining experience that they will not soon forget.


Meet Some of Our Purveyors


*Tsar Nicoulai Caviar

                                                                                  *Monterey Market

*Monterey Fish Market

*Berkeley Bowl

*Full Belly Farm

*Riverdog Farm

*Liberty Farm

*Dirty Girl Produce

                                                                              *The Local Butcher Shop

*Swanton Berry Farm

                                                                                    *ABS Seafood